Whispering Smith 1948

by Youtube Movie Post

Whispering Smith ~ Legendary railroad detective Whispering Smith (Alan Ladd) becomes convinced that old friend and company colleague Murray Sinclair has thrown in with disreputable rancher Barney Rebstock and his cold-eyed psychopathic killer Whitey Du Stang to loot the railroad.

Smith suspects that Murray’s successful ranch spread owes as much to pilfering railroad property in conjunction with Rebstock as it does to his modest salary as wrecking crew boss. Complicating matters is Sinclair’s growing contempt and disregard for his wife and Smith’s unrequited affection for her.

Director: Leslie Fenton  ~  Writers: Frank Butler, Karl Kamb
Actors: Alan Ladd, Robert Preston, Brenda Marshall, Donald Crisp, William Demarest


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