The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing 1955

by Youtube Movie Post

The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing ~ Stanford White (Ray Milland) is a wealthy and famous 47 year old architect in New York. Evelyn Nesbit (Joan Collins) is a stunningly beautiful 16 year old model and chorus girl. Harry K. Thaw (Farley Granger) is a young millionaire who later marries Evelyn when she is 20.

Extremely possessive, Harry can no longer live the thought of what the lecherous White did with Evelyn on the Red Velvet Swing when she just 16.After seeing White at a café then again at a play the same day, Thaw uses a gun to defend his wifes honor.New York society is scandalized. White’s “interests” in younger women, Evelyn Nesbit’s trail of wealthy suitors, Thaw’s insane jealousy.

Director: Richard Fleischer  ~  Writers: Walter Reisch, Charles Brackett
Actors: Ray Milland, Joan Collins, Farley Granger


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