My Six Loves 1963

by Youtube Movie Post

My Six Loves ~ Broadway star Janice Courtney collapses from exhaustion during a frantic press conference, and she is ordered to take a long vacation at her Connecticut home. Janice and her secretary-companion, Ethel Swenson, get little rest, however, because of the boisterous housekeeper, Selina, and her beatnik daughter, Ava. The day after her arrival, Janice discovers that six children and a large dog are living in a shack at the back of her property.

Aided by the local parson, Jim Larkin, Janice moves the children into her home and is granted temporary custody of them. When her producer, Martin Bliss, insists she begin rehearsing a new show, Janice leaves the children with Ethel and returns to New York. When Jim phones to say that one of the children has run away, Janice quits the play, forsaking her career. As she and Jim find the youngsters back in their shack, they decide to marry and adopt the brood.

Director: Gower Champion  ~  Writers:  John Fante , Joseph Calvelli
Actors:  Debbie Reynolds, Cliff Robertson, David Janssen


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